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Accept this confession:

I'm walking on pins and needles

:: Lost Soul ::
20 September
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I'm probably the girl you saw once, there, in the background. Someone you either hated or loved but never in between.
I feel older than my age, yet younger than my years.
Gloriously underdressed ALL the time.
I am a lost soul.
I'm prone to extreme bouts of moodiness. Which are tempered by my attempts to be that person that everyone depends on.
Needs to be needed. (Superman Complex)
Flippant. And even downright rude. Only to those deserving parties.
I have seen more in this life than the stars.
You might call me a bitch
Because I was probably being myself.
And I might not care
But who knows? I might.

I find solace in my mind, where there is tea parties, and sometimes even cake. But only on the good days.
<3 We are all mad here.
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