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Despite being told it's only a flu, Gavin: I hope you are feeling better, when I saw you wednesday you seemed to be in pretty rough shape. So much, in fact, that I asked Aly at leas twice if there was anything I could get you from the store or go to Tims and buy you soup. Or something. Get well! You silly sally! And Aly, expect an mail transfer from me tomorrow (or later today, I suppose) in case I don't see you before I run out of money, since I'm spending it like mad. On the plus side, my electric bill is paid up until next month, and my phone bill will be very shortly. Hooray for no bills!

 Uhm. Yeah, that was all I really had to say.
That and I've been listening to a lot of Modest Mouse recently. 
It's interesting music. So...yeah. 
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I suppose I should update a less angsty post.Since I try to balance out my incessant internet-whining with an occasional happy post. 
So, here goes. 
Do you know the person you can ALWAYS turn to no matter the situation, and you know you wont be judged or belittled? The person that knows you are you and loves you for it? The one that you swear is family, because sometimes, friendship is thicker than blood? 
I count myself as lucky. I've found so many of PEI's finest. 
People stereotype the high school years as trying to fit in, and how you change yourself for your friends. I look at my friends, and I don't think that we've ever made someone change specifically so they can fit in. Or maybe thats just me. 
Recovered drug addicts,
to drug addicts
to scholars who aspire to learn
to those who can't decide on the path they want to go
to preppy looking kids
to gothic looking kids
to those from broken homes
to those who've had it great
to those who don't have a home. 
to those who can laugh at themselves
to those who laugh at everyone else
to the bitchiest people you'd ever meet
to the nicest
to people who've never been to a party
to people that never stop partying
to homosexuals
to homophobes
to dorks
to dropouts
and everyone in between

I wonder why the rest of the world can't be as accepting and open as my friends are. We have our differences, as everyone does, yet we get over it. So why is it so hard for others to do the same?
I don't always agree with the things that are said, the opinions that some people have, so what? That is what sets us apart. I am positive not everyone agrees with the things I say. 
I guess my point is, 
I love my friends, for who they are, so much that they aren't just friends, they are family.
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I remember now. Why I'm depressed all the time
I want to be excited.I  need to be excited. I need some reason to wake up every morning, something I look forward to doing. 
I love Jaedyn, more than anyone without a kid could ever possibly understand, but I'm not excited about changing her diaper every day. I'm excited to see her grow, but thats a slow process, not the I-can-barely-close-my-eyes-to-sleep excited. 
I have no ambition to do anything.
I know it must be a slump.
I don't even want to write. I end up with a blank page and pissed off at myself for not being able to come up with something better, something more creative, something that doesn't suck.
I need something.
Excite me?
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One man

There is one man that never fails me. No matter how I feel, he can always make it seem better.
Thats right folks, I'm declaring my undying love for

Marilyn Manson. 

Otherwise,expect an angsty post in the future, and my proposal to JoAnne was accepted. We're totally getting married.
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I'm sorry kids.
My brain has turned to mush, and in its place? 
A cookie! 
Yes. I know I'm being stupid. I can't sleep at night, and I can't sleep during the day,so I don't sleep.
I've gotten myself in a lovely rut of nothingness. Lovely. 
I was up from my half hour nap, for the day, take care of the baby until I pass out for another hour, wake up, have a smoke, go on the computer.
I swear. If it gets ANY more exciting. I might be forced to find my soul and resell it for a life. 
This is making my cabin fever so bad. 
Especially since Ashley and Alyssa (practically my room mates) can't come visit. 

Oh, lookit me go. I'm an emo kid late at night
Don't tell anyone. 
My entire reputation is at stake. 
I'm so bored. I've started cutting back smoking so I can have something to focus on.
Can we say desperate? 
If you love me even the tiniest bit
Donate a a life 
To save me .

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I was hanging out with Ashley today, and I really enjoy her company. We just..talked and had breadsticks and cookies. Yuuummm. 
Awh. Sometimes, its nice to just talk to someone you haven't seen in a while. 
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It's 5 AM. I haven't slept yet. I'm talking to some people on MSN that I just met.
And I realised something I already knew, but it just seemed more real

No matter how fucked up our lives can get, someone else has it worse. Wayyyyy worse.
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The Maritimes

I wanted to post these lyrics because I think it's a sweet song. Even though its rap.

The Maritimes -- Classified

Yo, Let's take it back to the Maritimes Man
You cant take yourself too serious
Do that thing you guys were doing

Fill your cup up and chug
Roll a Joint up and get fucked
Ready for a kitchen party
Welcome to the Maritimes [x2]

I'm from the East Coast of Canada, home of the bag pipe
Known for the fiddle players, beer and our keg price
Known for Alexander Keiths and the Donair
Home of the Mooseheads but I don't really go there
We pay a buck for a litre of gas and
Smokes cost $10 a pack and
We always mix our tobacco with weed, its just the way
we always done it, shit is natural to me

So let me tackle the beat and unravel the scene
Let you people know what you never travel to see
We got battle MC's, we got storytellers
And we got awful MC's and corny motherfuckers
We got everything you wanna hear
Conscious to Back pack, Commercial to Gangsta
R&B to Abstract, grunge to Rock, Classical to Country
So many artist workin' but no one making money

Welcome to the East Coast, home of the innocence
Still Pigeon Holed, as a farm or a fisher man
No major league teams, baseball or hockey
No urban radio, just country and pop beats
I'm trying to shake these stereotypes
So give me space please, let me air out my life
I don't even eat fish, shit I never tried lobster
Cant play the fiddle, and never was a logger
But I swam in clean lakes, and enjoyed cool breezes
But Halifax Harbour's like swimming in diseases

We only known for Anne of Green Gables,
Coal mines, The Bluenose and P.E.I potatoes
The Maritimes, its better then that
We livin' in the nether times so dead it with that
We got universal soul and buck 65 and
The whole CTG and of course Classified
We got back burner, good night, alpha flight, Lock Down
Mic Boyd, first word, tro biz and hell town
And a million other artists, trying to get there flow heard
And Let you know that we still workin' on these outskirts

We trying to blow like Halifax Explosion
Or maybe Anne Murray I know she's Nova Scotian
Or Hurricane Juan blowin from the ocean
Either way it goes I'm still reppin for my coast man


That's how we do it down here
Least that's how you think we do it down here
We all pile in the kitchen
Do it like this


Welcome to the Maritimes

Eat Me, Drink me

Sir Charles

Charlie comes home tomorrow  IS HOME!!!! for three weeks or so. I can't wait. What a cat. Sir Charles! Move home! We miss you!!!! <3
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Religion makes me uncomfortable.

Okay. Story time! I actually intended on writing this a few weeks back.
I was sitting in Wendy's with Boo a few weeks ago.  We were eating our deliciously greasy food at approximately midnight. We were the only two people in the dining room. The staff carry on their merry way and are cleaning and there is a pause in our conversation (meaning Boo and I) and I hear some girl going "I hate homosexuals. They make me uncomfortable." Which made me very, very angry. For the following reasons:

Hearing that made me uncomfortable but I didn't tell her I hated her for it. That would be far too dramatic.

Since when did a persons sexual orientation determine whether or not you should hate them? 

I can understand being uncomfortable around certain people. I'm uncomfortable around certain people. But I wouldn't go so far as to say I hate someone because they make me uncomfortable. Dislike? Probably.

She then continued her speech about how her parents were SO religious that they weren't welcome at most churches on PEI, so a few times a year they flew a priest down from Quebec. Another of the staff asked what religion it was, and the girl replied Catholic. The other staff member tried to argue her drivel based logic by saying "What if GOD made them that way, it's not like they wake up and decide that they want to be homosexuals" And she spewed some random bible based nonsense. 
 I have nothing against religion. If you choose to believe in something other than rotting corpses in a box with maggots, so be it. If you need to have faith that there is something higher up, by all means go for it. I even understand that she was only ignorant because that was how she was brought up {Really. She said "It's the way I was brought up"} But that is NO excuse for her outright accusations of "fags are against god" and all that crap. I have NEVER heard Joel or Josh or Troy say anything that ignorant and mean it {Jokingly, perhaps}. She had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I bet she's never met a single homosexual man or woman in her life, and is basing her judgement upon what she has been spoon fed, as opposed to making a fair decision by researching both sides. I don't know why this upset me so much. I'm not even gay. She just made me realize how much I hate people.

But watch out girl from Wendy's. If I see you on cash, you can count on me skipping up to the counter holding hands with another girl, and giving her a BIG kiss. Just for you. What are you gonna do? Feel uncomfortable and then hate me for it?  I don't feel any loss. You trying to push what you think on someone else, makes me uncomfortable. Your ignorance. Makes me uncomfortable. And you know what? I might just hate you for it..

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