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I'm being taken out of my training early.
A week early, in fact.
Tomorrow I listen to french people talk all day, and as long as I do okay then, Tuesday I'm out of incubation.

Like a baby bird tossed out of its nest.
Oh well.
I'm sure I'll manage.

Also. Depression sucks. hardcore.
Also also, I'm bored.
Entertain me?
I need something other than jigsaw puzzles to entertain me.
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Five minutes left on break. I thought I'd update something.
New layout?! Whaat? xD
I love the designers layouts but I hate the fact I can't sign in to my journal up on the top. Oh well. Sacrifices must be made.

Oh. Oh. I have like three minutes left. I should probably cut this short, but more updates to come, I'll make an effort to update more.
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Your crib or mine?¤t=jaedynocean2.jpg¤t=jaedynocean.jpg

So, Jaedyn was all like "Wanna hang out?"
And Ocean goes "Yeah dude."
Jaedyn goes, "My crib, 4 o'clock."

Thus, these pictures. Finally I posted links for 'em.
Obviously they had to get their gorgeous faces from their respective Mommies.
Also, that is the only picture in existance with Jaedyn using a soother.
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Sitting in the training room at mycurrent employers. Learning about...nothing?
Theres just a bunch of u surfing the web. Reallllll productive Mara.
Eugh. Can this day end yet?
I mean. Waking up at 7 was bad enough, we got here and were promptly informed that tomorrow we need to be an hour earlier, that we start at 8 instead of 9.
6:30 is not really a good time for Maras to be awake. -dies-
Anyway. Thats my update lovellies.
Goodbye freedom and free money. -cries-
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I'm sitting at Aly's having my hair played with and such, 
so I thought I'd write a quick update to wish everyone a happy and safe
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I was tagged by arcvert

RULES: Each player of this game starts off with 10 weird things/habits/little-known facts about themselves. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 10 weird habits/things/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. I will sometimes refuse to do something because I see it as being too generic or mainstream. Some bandwagons, I just don't want to jump on, I guess

2. I am almost OCD, if there in an event being planned, I will make lists, and lists and lists. I also have to have certain things in certain spots or it will make me crazy.

3. I have had the same recurring nightmare since I was six. It still scares me.

4. I hate the way I look, I'm just really good at bluffing confidence.

5. I am hopeless at playing video-games. The only games I've ever completed are Super Mario World and Fable.

6. I have a horrible temper. I used to black out when I got angry. I've taught myself how to control it. I'm very proud of myself for this.

7. I hate snakes. I am positively terrified of them

8. I'm scared of the dark. I will not walk alone at night, nor will I turn all the lights off at home if I'm alone.

9. I used to be in choir, soccer, and peer helping when I was younger.I also used to volunteer at places like rest homes, hospitals and various non profit organizations because my mother did. As much as I dislike her, I idolize her compassion for the disabled.

10. I cry myself to sleep every other night. I am clinically depressed but have opted not to take medication because I don't believe I need to depend on drugs for my own happiness. I have seen a therapist, but it didn't work out. 

I don't have ten friends on my list that update actively, so I tag ALL of you who have read this and haven't done it yet.
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Maybe you'll never be who I want you to be
But baby, baby, you had me
from Goodbye.

Feeling rather bored today. 
No drama worth writing about.
There usually isn't.
So why am I feeling empty
Like my life is missing something?
Is it love? No
Lust? Never
Friendship? Not at all
Family? Of course not
Perhaps I'm just unhappy in my little rut.

The countdown to having to work again begins.
Oh dear lord. It's been over a year. I can't handle this. 
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Is a post.
Of what?
Well, nothing substancial
I'm doing better by the day.
Things with Boo are on the up and up,
friends are returning or have returned..few are leaving.
My main purpose in this was to post some pictures for you all to see. 
..but...I'm lazy
so check out my facebook. 
They are ALL there. 
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Oh look. New layout time.
Whats this.. LJ MAKEOVER?!
Say whaaaa?
Don't worry blogger. I didn't forget about you. 
I'll make you prettier someday. 
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Does anyone else want to petition Dora the explorer? 
Oh. My sweet jesus. 
Well, kind of. Either way. I hate her. and her little friend Diego. I think they are cousins..but thats NOT the point. 
Just.. slaughter her. please?
I'll give someone a playstation
-waggles eyebrows enticingly-